Apple launches today at Apple Classes

Apple launches today at Apple Classes

Apple launches today at Apple Classes

As of April, Apple announced that it will begin offering educational classes at 500 different stores around the world. The classes will be called “Today at Apple.” The company has even set up a new web portal for this new project:

The “Today at Apple” program, which has been in place at Apple’s Union Square location since the store opened, offers a range of classes on topics like coding, art, music, design, and photography. There are classes designed for both beginners and more experienced users, as well as classes for all ages, including children.



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Classes are going to feature a wide array of educational topics including using Apple devices to sketch, create media, draw, create and edit music and a number of other topics. The educational classes are not going to be focused on computer repair in palatine or macbook repair in palatine. They will also not be teaching any repair classes as of right now related to ipad repair in palatine or iphone repair palatine. For those looking to gain skills in these areas, you’ll still have to rely on tutorials posted up online through youtube (or YouTube university as we call it). This is a great way to get started practicing electronic repairs. Just be careful not to harm anybody’s gadgets in the process as the road to becoming a good technician is a long and arduous journey.

Most sessions are taught by trained employees known as “Creative Pros,” but in select cities, there are classes taught by well-known artists, photographers, and musicians. Session content will vary across different locations, but all 495 of Apple’s retail stores are expected to offer “Photo Walks” and “Kids Hour” sessions by May 20.